Electric Car Charger Installation

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Standard installation is included in the price for all the chargers we sell, and it should take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Our installers are SEAI registered and will provide you with an installation certificate, allowing you to take advantage of the SEAI grant. Please note that you should register for the grant before we undertake your installation. More information here.

There are certain cases in which there might be additional charges for the installation. Some examples include:

  • Distance: If the distance from the electrical source to the installation point is bigger than 10 metres straight.
  • Load management: If your home has an electrical shower, certain induction hobs, heat pumps or any appliance that uses more than 3kw of electricity).
  • ESB Meter box connection: Your ESB meter may be closer to your wallbox but it may not have the required isolation unit or slots available to connect the cable to the charger.
  • Any locations or situations that require workarounds or additional parts. If in doubt, please contact us and we can assess your situation.

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